PRYO will perform at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church on June 1st, at 3pm

Phinney Ridge Youth Orchestra in Seattle

Phinney Ridge Youth Orchestra in Seattle

Rehearsal Information:

Time: Saturday 1-4pm, September 14 - December 7th

Location: The Phinney Neighborhood Association, Room 36

Audition Requirements:

Two scales - one major, one melodic minor, any key. (two or three octaves)

One unaccompanied 2-5 minute solo to demonstrate technical proficiency.

Sight reading (material will be provided for you at the audition.

Audition Dates:

August 8/29-8/31, September 9/5-9/7, and 9/12-9/13

A $10 non-refundable audition fee

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Upcoming Concerts:

Saturday, December 7th, 3:00 pm
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Seattle

PRYO Composition Contest Winner 

Saturday, March 28th , 3:00 pm
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Seattle

Royal Room


Please come hear us play at the Royal Room in Columbia City, and be sure to order some of their fabulous Southern-influenced food!  We'll be playing:

Saturday, June 6th, 3pm

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Seattle 

Vaughan Williams--Charterhouse Suite

Eric Whitacre - October

Prokofiev - Scherzo Humoristique

And More...

Friday, June 12th, 5-7pm

Phinney Farmer's Market


The cost is $190 a term.

The orchestra dues cover room rental, concert hall rental, purchasing of music and stands, website cost, refreshments, and paying for soloists.

Pay Online

Phinney Ridge Youth Orchestra Rehearsal

Basse Dance by Peter Warlock